What do you really want from your work?

Carrying on the series of posts about the 3 Steps to Genius and the elements of the INSPIRED Business blueprint, it’s now time to move on to “Step INTO” – truly owning and embodying your Genius.

Purpose WISH ListThis step is made up of two main elements, covering why you are so passionate about what you do (your “Purpose WISH List”), and how you go about delivering it in a way that brings you joy (your “Inner JOY Enabler”.

This post will cover the Purpose WISH List.

The first parts of the Blueprint, What you do, and How you do it are pretty irrelevant really, if you don’t know Why. Understanding your purpose makes it so much easier to remain focused on bringing your best self to your business. Here are the four key elements of getting clear on your Why:


To start with, get a picture in your mind of your ideal future world – the one you would like to be a part of creating.  As with the perfect day exercise from the IDEAL Lifestyle Designer, it works best if you can really get into it, and imagine yourself really being there in that ideal world. What is happening then, that isn’t happening now? And what isn’t happening then, that you wish wasn’t happening now? We do a powerful exercise around that in the Create A Business You Love workshop, and you can create your own version of that right now.


While you are thinking about what you wish wasn’t happening right now in your world, the things that anger or irritate you are great clues to your purpose in life.  Are you frustrated with the way people in your industry or profession do things?  Do you see ways to do things much better than anyone else seems to want to?  Those are all pointers to your purpose.


Not everybody wants to change the world, of course.  For you, it may be enough to look after your family or your community.  And that’s fine, we all have a domain within which we are called to make our positive effect.  And the good news is that you get to decide the scope you want your work to affect.

Higher self

I have no doubt that we all have a higher self, that is capable of achieving more than we allow our ‘worldly’ selves to acknowledge.  And I believe the best way by far to access our higher self is meditation.

Exactly what form that meditation should take is a very personal matter.  My preference used to be Transcendental Meditation (as taught originally by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), and these days I combine that with some more practical visualisations. You can find an example of one I use daily here: Magical Money Manifestation

Create your WISH List

I’ve created a deceptively-simple worksheet that you can use to dig deep into what your work and your business actually mean for you, your core purpose for being in the world.  Click on the image to download it, and let’s see what you discover!


Then you might want to join the Joyful Genius Global Community on Facebook to share what you’re all about, and get some support from your fellow geniuses (or is that genii?) to actually make your wish come true.

Cover photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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