Why are you bothering with anything else?

Event organiser London, Clare Gillbanks“If you have an event that you cannot afford to go wrong, I’d definitely recommend Clare (And why are you bothering with any other events?!)”

That’s the final line of a testimonial on Ecademy.com for my friend Clare Gillbanks, by serial entrepreneur and all round live wire Tom Ball.  Typical of Tom, he always cuts to the chase and tells it as it is.  And his one-liners are usually right on the money – in this case he’s got it spot on: why would anybody want to run an event that was so unimportant to them that they could afford for it to go wrong?

If you’re going to dedicate *any* of your precious time, money, effort or resources to something, hadn’t it better be too important for it to be allowed to fail?

So that means you need to invest in the best help you can afford – in fact, the help you can’t afford to be without – if you’re going to play a winning game.  In my last post, I talked about setting out to win, not just to not lose.  It’s about risk-taking, commitment and focus – taking the risk to invest in the best, committing to adding the most value you can, and leaving yourself free to focus on what you do best by buying in experts to do the rest.

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