Why Wednesdays?

A very good question indeed!

No, not why do Wednesdays exist (although, given how many people feel about them, maybe that’s not such a bad question either), but why will I be posting my Joyful Genius blogs mainly on a Wednesday from now on?

Well, it’s simply because Wednesday is the day furthest from a weekend, and for a lot of people that makes it the worst day of the week. They live for the weekend, because they don’t enjoy their work, so Wednesday is the hardest day – the day they have to get over before they can start the run-up to another escape from work.

And you’ll know, if you’ve read anything at all of my stuff, that I’m all about helping people to love their work. For those that have already achieved that, Wednesday is as good a day as any other; and for those who haven’t, what better day to provide some tips and guidance on getting there?

Feeling more than a little jaded about work right now - tired, grumpy, listless, feeling like this isn’t the work life you had planned for yourself?

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Andrew Horder

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