Work and your love life

Even those of us who have moved out of the post-industrial 9-5 work patterns still spend something like half our waking hours at, or traveling to & from, our work. For many who are their own boss, even more. So it stands to reason that the way we feel about our work is going to have a profound effect on our home life. And not just in terms of the amount of time we have available for our loved ones and building great relationships with them.

Happiness at work for a happy home life

When we spend half our waking hours doing something we love to do, something that has joy and meaning for us, something that makes us feel like we are earning our place on the planet, those emotions of happiness and self-worth cannot help but spill out into the way we interact with those closest to us. We are more open, more patient, generally more fun to be around. Which, of course, leads to much better relationships. And the reverse is true – after ‘a bad day at the office’, our loved ones know to give us a wide berth. And that does nothing for a harmonious home life, does it?

That means that to be the sort of person someone loves to have as their Valentine, we simply have to love what we do for a living, don’t we?

Feeling more than a little jaded about work right now - tired, grumpy, listless, feeling like this isn’t the start to 2015 you had planned?

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