You Can’t Have It All?

We’ve all heard these famous quotes about work:

  • Good old Confucius, he say:
    Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life
  • And JM Barrie (he wrote the children’s classic “Peter Pan”) is quoted as saying:
    It’s only work if you would rather be doing something else

Well … that’s rubbish!!

What’s wrong with both of those quotes, is that they make work a bad thing, something to be avoided – “never work another day in your life”, and you would “rather be doing something else”.

Most people simply don’t believe you can have work that is easy for you, that’s fulfilling and that pays well. They think that’s something only a very fortunate few get to have – you know, the rock stars and artists, maybe footballers. They’ve been conned into believing that if you’re lucky you get two out of three, but never all three.

So that means that either:

  • Hard Work:
    It’s hard work, because you’re not very good at it – even though it’s something you enjoy and the money is OK (though Enjoyment-Performance Theory means that’s not very likely to be the case)
  • Miserable:
    It makes you unhappy, because it’s something you don’t really want to be doing – even though it’s not that hard for you, and the pay’s alright.
  • Poor:
    You struggle with money, because the work you are good at and enjoy doesn’t pay very well (or maybe doesn’t even pay at all!)

We can redefine work …

But what if we were to define work – or maybe redefine it – as simply:

“The things we do that add value to others”

Maybe then we really could have it all, what do you think?  I’d love to read your views …

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Andrew Horder

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