INSPIRED Business Blueprint Mini-Guide

The 3 steps and 8 building blocks that every individual business owner needs to know!

INSPIRED Business Blueprint mini-guide


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Your Mini Guide to
Creating A Business You Love With Ease And Joy

Everything you need to know as an individual business owner to build your business
so it's enjoyable for you and effective for your perfect customers.

3 Steps & 8 Building Blocks

This mini-guide explains the three steps (and why the order matters for you), and covers all 8 essential building blocks so you can make sure you have them all in place

Over the last 5-10 years of working with individual business owners to identify their unique genius, I have identified that there are 8 building blocks to creating a successful business that serves you and the world, and three steps that need to be taken in the right order.

  • 1

    Step up

    Learn to identify your unique genius and be willing to own up to it

  • 2

    Step Into

    How to truly own your genius so your business completely resonates with who you really are

  • 3

    Step out

    Take your genius and your business out into the world with congruence and confidence

... and how each of the eight building blocks fits into these three critical steps to success