Core Being Essential

Core Being programmes are each carefully designed to reveal the essential secrets of what you are doing when you are at your absolute best, when you are alive and alight, when you are in your own unique unstoppable flow.

Everyone has a buried talent that only comes to the surface when you are creating true magic in the world. Using a powerful combination of stories, facilitation and coaching, Core Being liberates the fundamental power that lies at the very core of your being that supports you in creating your own special difference in the universe.

Core Being Essential provides the basics of all three elements of Core Being, preparing you to take your Joyful Genius out into the world and truly step into your power

The 3 elements of your infinite Core Being:

Your Core Process sums up that thing you do when you’re completely in the zone, and creating massive value in the world. And loving every moment! This is the 'What' of your Core Being, and is concerned with your unique value and talent in the world - Andrew’s is “Encouraging Potential”

Your Core Purpose is the big overall goal your personal Core Process is there to help you achieve. This is the 'Why' of your Core Being, and is all about finding your purpose and passion in the world - it is very personal and often only really means anything to you - so we won't share Andrew's here!

Your Core Practice is the way you interact with other people and the world to deliver your Core Process. It is the practical 'How' element of your Core Being, it relates to your tribe and how you serve them - Andrew's is 'Connecting with People'

These 3 elements represent the infinite flow of Why and How you deliver your unique value to others and become energised by your work in the world

What is Core Being & how do we discover it?

Session 1 - Core Process

Your Core Process is a phrase that sums up what you are doing in all those wonderful times when you have been at your absolute best.  We use Skype or the telephone to create a safe space for you to develop a rich picture of those times in your life – people find it a delightful experience to re-live those joyful moments and gain a deeper insight into what was going on. This session creates the foundation of your deepening grasp of your unique magnificence, so it lasts as long as it needs to – there is literally no limit, we keep going until you find exactly the right words for you, the ones that deeply resonate with your infinite being.

Session 2 - Core Purpose & Core Practice

This combined session takes place about 4 weeks after session 1, also by Skype or telephone.  We start by exploring the motivation behind your Core Process, the big picture reason it is so important to you, what it is all for.  Knowing and owning your Core Purpose provides a compass to help you direct yoru magnificence towards an end that has true meaning for you.
Then we get into the detail of the specific actions you take that best allow you to use your Core Process to serve the world and the universe.  The session usually lasts about 2 hours – although once again, we keep going until you are completely lit up by the words you select and what they mean to you.

Additional Support

As such a fundamental part of your Core Being and how it contributes to you living your Joyful Genius, understanding how Core Process fits in with your work and your life is massively important.  So we also have a couple of brief check-in calls, one between the main sessions and one afterwards, to go through any questions, interesting experiences, or new insights you get while putting your Core Process to use in your everyday life.You also get lifetime access to the private Core Being group on Facebook, where you can share your insights and experiences, and pose any questions that come up as you take your magnificence out into the world.

Bonus Content ...

Talent Dynamics Profile & Debrief

Knowing how you fit into a team is an enormous advantage in delivering your Core Being and living your Joyful Genius – valued, with the personal debrief, at £150, this powerful profiling tool allows you to understand how you make your own contribution, and how to get the most from the rest of the team.  Based on the i-Ching and Jungian types, it provides a fascinating insight into how you operate in the world or work.

What Core Being does for you ...

Ruby McGuire

... This enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Ruby McGuire, Live Your Life In Colour
Sue Plumtree

What an eye opener our session to identify my Core Purpose through your Core Process was! ... Now those words guide me and my choices. I even get insights through them that I hadn’t expected!

Sue Plumtree, The Life Enhancing Coach
Lucy Windsor

Core Process is a wonderful experience to do and it lives with me ... I can now see that Liberating Courage my way is one of the most delightful and joyful and happy experiences – it is my BLISS!

Lucy Windsor, The Performance Business / Author of 'People Aren't Widgets'

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