Be the most encouraging person you know

You are enough

In my work, I come across a lot of people who don’t realise quite how amazing they are. And they tell themselves all sorts of reasons why they can’t step up and admit to their genius – they’re too old, too young, too poor, too inexperienced, too short, too tall, too privileged, too under-privileged, too…

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gare to dream - Dayne Topkin

Diarise your DARE

Last week I posted about setting yourself a DARE – a daring objective for this year, that is: Daunting (scares you a little – or a lot!) Audacious (makes you – and others – go ‘Wow!’) Ridiculous (to think you could do it) Expression of your utmost Being (you being you at your very best)…

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dare to be different

DARE to be different …

… and be different to DARE! One of the things I love doing at the start of the year is getting people connected to their big dream objective for the year.  I touched on this in my earlier post about the PROUD yearly review, but I thought it could benefit from going into a little…

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Workmen models

Enjoying the grind

In the “How to love your work” flow-chart there’s the question about learning to love the work you would rather not do.  In a previous post I addressed how you might learn to love the work that needs you to do it, but you find it boring or annoying.  And we have to recognise that…

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Bored face girl

Loving the boring bits

In the “How to Love Your Work” flow-chart I designed, there is a very important question: Is this a task you love? And almost as important is the question that comes further along the flow: Can you learn to love it? Let’s explore how that might be possible. Elements of the task Is it the…

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Children playing with a laptop

How to love your work

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who doesn’t want to love what they do for a living, but very few people really understand the process of organising your work so that you really can love it. So I’ve put together this simple flow-chart to help you make the right decisions when it comes…

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woman reading at sunset

Opening Up to Possibility In 2018

In my last post I wrote about New Year resolutions, and putting some extra ‘welly’ behind yours by leveraging the positive energy that comes from loads of people making them at the same time. And I also said that it’s not compulsory – if it doesn’t feel right for you to be making them, you…

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Making Your Resolutions Count

I’ve always had a bit of a downer on “New Year’s Resolutions”. My thinking has always been, surely we can make the choice to do something different on any day, why just the 1st of January?  There seems to me to be something rather fake about the idea that we will somehow have more resolve…

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Ripples of Consciousness

One of the big things about taking your genius out into the world is that you never really know what difference you are going to make. You might share one thought with the right person, and they repeat it to the right person, and suddenly a whole generation picks up on a meme. Or you…

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What Are You PROUD of This Year?

It’s that time of year when I challenge my individual clients to take a look at their year, and see how they did compared to what they set out to achieve. What I use for this is what I call the PROUD Report.  It’s essentially the annual version of the journal I use throughout the year.…

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