A great LEAP forward!

We all want to propel our businesses forward, but action without the right energy behind it can fail to bring the results we really desire to achieve.  I use this little mnemonic as a check-list for any action I plan, to make sure it will have the right impetus behind it to create the best outcomes all round:

LOVE – this has two aspects, the first is that you really need to love what you are doing, so ask yourself is this going to be something you’re going to really enjoy?  And the second aspect is, are you doing it with the best intentions for everybody, especially those who are going to be paying for it?  If you are not doing anything with love, the results are going to be less than optimal.

ENERGY – as well as doing it with the energy of Love, it also helps if you simply bring energy, or enthusiasm, to whatever you do.  It creates momentum, and give the action a much greater chance of succeeding when there’s a bit of ‘oomph’ behind it!

Authenticity – it makes it a whole lot easier to love what you get up to, to do it with the best of intentions, and to be enthusiastic about it when you don;t have to put on some kind of pretence about it.  So being yourself, and bringing your whole self to what you do, will make you much more effective.  As a wise man once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Purpose – whatever you do, it should always be on purpose.  This also has two aspects; the first is that you should make a conscious choice to do whatever actions you take, rather than just drifting into them.  It’s so much easier to stick at something you actually meant to be doing!  And the second is that every action needs to be fully aligned with your purpose – for doing the work you do, for being in the business you are in, and for being on the planet in the first place.  Because when your actions are aligned with your true purpose, that’s when they become easy and natural to do, and massively powerful in generating the results you seek.

So before you commit to any action in your business, ask yourself: is this a leap in the dark, or a great L.E.A.P. forward?

Have you got any nice mnemonics or acronyms that you use to guide your actions?  Share them in the comments …

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