Attitude is caught, not taught

On the radio the other morning, a priest was talking about the importance of our own behaviour if we want to influence others. He was talking in particular about children and parenting, and I think the lesson is just as true for coaches, trainers and business advisors – in fact anyone who needs to influence others (so that’s all business people then!).

We can’t expect people to listen to us, to take our advice, or just follow our lead, if we aren’t doing what we’re teaching – walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Yet so many business people aren’t taking their own advice. We’re all familiar with the tale of the cobbler’s shoes – he’s too busy mending other people’s to mend his own family’s. And we’re told to beware buying a builder’s house – because they never get around to finishing all those jobs they charge others so handsomely for.

And it’s even more important for those of us who make a living from advising others.

Some time ago, my coach (yes, I always have one, at the time it was the inimitable master coach, Jules Cooper) challenged me – “How come, Mr H,” he asked (he talks like that) “you’re doing all this other stuff, when your Matrix thingy’s supposed to help people focus?” I was well and truly caught! I’d been allowing odd bits and bobs of unfocussed work to creep into my work-week, until suddenly I found myself with no time for developing my core work.

So I showed Jules how to put me through the Opportunity Matrix (soon to be renamed the Genius Matrix™), and I culled a whole load of the odds & sods and developed a plan to get rid of the rest. And to this day, if I find myself feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, my go-to response is to use the Matrix to check that what’s filling my diary is the stuff I really want to be doing and will contribute to me success.

So here’s my question to you this week: are people catching the right attitudes from you?

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