Beyond the comfort zone

You know those bits of you that you only let out at weekends – what if those were what make up your special genius?  I’m not talking about the parts of you that result in embarrassing selfies after a few beers. I’m talking about the things you’re interested in, that you don’t think are ‘proper’ to bring to your work. Whether that’s an attention to detail from a craft that you love, or maybe a leadership ability that comes from a religious community or charity work.  Perhaps the ability to process complex concepts from a great book that you read or documentary you watched.

Or maybe a belief that the world could be a better place.

I once held back my beliefs about consciousness and energy, because I was assuming the chairman of a large organisation wouldn’t ‘get’ it. Until, that was, he shared that he was married to a spiritual healer.  What parts of you are you keeping hidden from clients & colleagues? And what are they hiding from you? Maybe you could ask them? You might be surprised how much you have in common.

Sometimes the universe (or god, or whatever your name for the divine intelligence is) decides we need a bit of a challenge, so it gives us the ability to do something that’s needed, and then watches to see what we do with our potential.

You see, the universe doesn’t waste talent. You wouldn’t have been gifted your genius, if you weren’t up to the job of making good use of it.

When you step up, the universe creates a little bit more potential for you to fulfil. When you allow fear to hold you back, that blocks the creation of new potential. You won’t be given any more ability until you’re at the edge of what you’ve already been gifted with.

So if you’re feeling like you’ve reached a plateau in your work, ask yourself what capability are you not fully using, what genius are you keeping secret?

You may not always believe it, but you do have a genius.  And that’s because nature (or the universe, god, whatever) decided it was needed. Don’t waste it, take it out into the world with ferocious curiosity about what you can create with it. Because your genius was created specifically to do something in the world, and without you, that work doesn’t get done.

With all the tech available to you today, there’s nothing holding you back from letting your genius loose on the world. Except perhaps your fear that maybe you don’t have one.  I’ll let you into a secret (that’s not such a secret) – we ALL have a genius, if you will only allow it to shine through!

Time to own up to your genius, and go beyond your comfort zone!

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash


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