Delusions of Impotence?

I was thinking the other day about the movie Pay It Forward (if you haven’t watched it, stop reading and go find yourself a copy first – this post contains multiple spoilers; oh, and have the tissues ready).

I was musing specifically about the scene where young Trevor is having his 13th birthday party and a reporter turns up on the doorstep wanting to interview his mother about “the movement” that has been spreading across the US. Slightly baffled, she explains that it was her son’s Home Room project, and he won’t want to talk about it because he’s upset that it didn’t work.

While the actions you take on a daily basic may not go out into the world with the organised methodology of the Pay It Forward movement, you nonetheless have no idea how far each small impact you have on someone might spread. With an average of just six degrees of separation between all 7bn of us on the planet, *every* action you take has the potential to change the world. For good or bad.

When our hero Trevor helps Jerry the drug addict, he has no idea that Jerry will be inspired to go on and save a life. All he sees is that Jerry went back to drugs. He also doesn’t see that because Jerry paid it forward by fixing Trevor’s mother’s truck, she paid it forward by forgiving her alcoholic mother, setting in motion a chain of events that ends up with the journalist being gifted the new Jaguar he uses to chase the story across the country.

When you share your gift with a client and change their world for the better, you have no idea what ripple effect that improvement will culminate in. You may not feel like you are in a position to make a big difference in the world, but just one of your customers having a better life because of your work might be the tipping point that changes everyday reality for everyone.

I bet you didn’t realise you could be that potent, did you? 

It’s time to stop pretending you can’t make a difference. Because if any single one of your satisfied and well-served clients could make the world a better place, maybe you could learn to become even more potent by serving as many people as you possibly can?

Go on, I dare you – step boldly into your Genius, and change the world!

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