The difference that makes the difference

The Joyful Genius Manifesto starts by saying:

You are unique, literally one in 7bn. Nobody has done and experienced what you have done and experienced. Which means that nobody can do for the world what you can do, and nobody can BE for the world the change that you can BE.

For a lot of people, the idea that there is something that needs doing in the world that only you can do may seem a bit fanciful. After all, you probably don’t feel all that different to all the people around you. Except that even amongst your close friends, you know that each of them is different from each other don’t you?

You wouldn’t go to Dave the football coach to fix a tap, you’d ask Joe the plumber. If you need your tax return checked, you’re going to ask Mary the accountant, not Celia the high school teacher. I’d be willing to bet that you have all sorts of ‘go to’ people amongst your friends and contacts, all for different things that need doing.

And even if you happen to know two accountants, I bet that you’re more comfortable talking to one of them about your books than the other. Even within the same profession, no two people are the same. Which means that no two people are just right for any particular task that needs doing.

Today I spent the day at the Mind Body Spirit Sussex Festival in Lewes. It’s a lovely day, and it always starts with a “Sound Bath” from the delightful Birute Jakucionyte, an amazing musician from Lithuania. And today, there was another visiting sound healer taking part, on tour from his home in the Canary Isles, Martin was booked to do a group sound healing later in the day. Birute invited him to join in the opening ceremony, and having enjoyed the experience, Martin then invited Birute to join him in his gig at lunchtime.

Both sound healers, yet very different in what and how they played. It would have been very easy for either of them to assume that they were each just like the other. Fortunately for both audiences, they didn’t, they recognised that each had something special to add, and my world is a better place for having experienced them both.

So ask yourself this: in what way does your unique set of experiences, attitudes, talents and upbringing make you subtly different from other people who do what you do?

What’s your difference that makes ALL the difference?

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