The THIRD most dangerous word …

Over the last couple of posts I have warned of the dangers to small business owners of using the words “Yes” and “Maybe” inappropriately.  In this final post in the series, I’m going to reveal the third most dangerous word when it comes to business success and finding Joy in your work.

Bearing in mind the trend of recent posts, would you like to hazard a guess what this one might be?

If you answered “No” then you would be right.

Where saying “Yes” where you shouldn’t have can waste inordinate amounts of time and make you a Busy Fool, and saying “Maybe” without a deadline for decision can leave your mind cluttered with all manner of imaginary possibilities, saying “No” in the wrong place can mess you up too.  Especially when it’s about a good opportunity that you are just too scared to seize!

Now let me be clear – I’m not talking about the opportunities where in my first post about dangerous words I recommended you Negotiate a different approach or Offer an alternative solution.  I’m talking about the sort of opportunity that seems too good, that fits perfectly with your Genius, but feels just too big for you.  Richard Branson has the right way to respond to these: say “Yes” – then work out how you are going to do it!

But how will you know whether this really is an opportunity that you should say “No” to, or just one that is a bit scary?  That all comes down to really understanding two things, what you love doing, and what you can get well paid for.  So whenever any opportunity presents itself, you can quickly and confidently answer what I call the ‘2 Big Business Questions’ about it:

  • How much do I want to do this?
  • Will I make any money at it?

If the answer to both questions is not “Ooh, lots!”, then turning the opportunity down could be the right response.  But if the answer to number 2 (money) is “Lots” and the answer to number one is something like “too scary!”, the chances are that saying “No” would be a big mistake – maybe you just need to find the right resources.

Imagine a future in which you are getting amazingly well-paid for work you absolutely adore doing.

Wouldn’t you hate to have said “No” to the opportunity that created that!

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Or feel free to contact me direct, and let's see what you need to get clear on ...

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