rock solid knowledge or intuitive knowing

Too much knowledge, not enough knowing?

This morning for Earth Day we took part in the Access Consciousness Global Restoration of Communion with Earth™ Day – essentially laying comfortably with our hands on each other, running energy to get better connected with the planet and all that there is.  By chance, all the other people here were native Italian speakers, so a good part of the morning was in the Italian language.

I learned a little Italian about 20 years ago before my first visit to Italy with Daniela, so I would know what the in-laws were saying about me!  But not nearly enough to consciously follow a fast-paced conversation about some quite esoteric topics.  While I was just zoned out, enjoying the process and taking in everything around me, I found I was very aware of what the conversation was covering. Yet as soon as I shifted into my waking, thoughtful mind, and began to think about the actual words I was hearing, my understanding evaporated almost completely.

This is a perfect example of the difference between how we use knowledge, and how we work with our intuitive, innate ‘knowing’. While I was in my knowing, I was able to follow the conversation and had an understanding at a deep spiritual level.  As soon as I tried to apply my logical mind’s knowledge of Italian grammar and vocabulary, and I started to consciously think about what I was hearing, my understanding reduced to almost nothing.

And that makes me wonder where else in my life and work am I over-thinking things, trying to understand them by applying knowledge to come up with a logical explanation, rather than simply trusting my knowing genius?

What about you?


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