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Why being in alignment in your work makes you more powerful

Life is all about energy

I like to think of life as a powerful flow of energy, moving from one place to another. Sometimes it feels like it’s taking us exactly where we want to go. And other times it feels like it’s dragging us in a different direction altogether!

And then there are those times when you’re not at all sure which way it’s going, it’s buffeting you from side to side, spinning you round, turning you head-over-heels, and generally leaving you feeling confused and out of touch with yourself.

Alignment brings power

That’s where alignment comes in. Think of the flow of energy through your life like a river. When the banks and the riverbed are smooth, the water can flow easily by, creating a strong current that’s going to take it where it needs to be. But when there are rocks on the bottom, or tree-roots sticking out from the banks, the flow gets disturbed, eddying and losing its power.

Powerful work

When the work you’re doing isn’t aligned with the real you, that’s like the rocks and the tree-roots in the river. You’ll feel yourself being pulled by the opposing forces of passion and duty, never quite knowing how to make your biggest impact. As soon as you start to make some progress, you hit one of those obstructions, and watch helplessly as you success becomes a struggle to stay on course.

That’s why if you intend to do your best work, you need to have everything nicely lined up, with as few rough edges as possible. When you know what you’re out to achieve, and you’re doing it in the way that best suits you and your particular genius, you get to flow with the river of energy and feel it pulling you along to where you set out to get to.

Work with MEANing

There are four elements to your work that you’ll need to get in alignment to have meaningful work. I’ll go into each of these in a bit more detail in later posts (check back here for the links), but for now, here are the four elements of your work that when you get them in alignment your work has real MEANing:

Mission – you’re working on something that also serves your individual purpose

Environment – you’re comfortable in the culture and with the expected behaviours

Activity – the role you play lets you work to your strengths

Nature – you get to use your innate genius to the full.

End the struggle

If you’re feeling like you’re struggling to be in your power, the chances are you have at least one of these out of alignment.  But please don’t jump to the conclusion that you know which one it is.  Consider each element in turn, and rate your current work situation out of ten for it. That will show you where to focus your energies to start with, before you move on to the next lowest.

As you get more aligned, you’ll feel the struggle becoming less, and it getting easier and easier to access your power. Enjoy yourself!


Photo by Tim Peterson on Unsplash


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