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Working for pay?

Do you get paid FOR your work, or do you get paid TO work?  It may seem like a very minor distinction, but it is in fact critical to living your Joyful Genius.

When you get paid for your work, the primary consideration is the work, and you happen to get paid for it.  It is the way of the artisan, of the master, the person who takes a pride and a joy in their work; customers appreciate and value the work, so they pay for it.

When you get paid to work, on the other hand, the primary consideration is the pay, and the work doesn’t happen without it.  This is the way of the wage slave, of the cubicle monkey, the person who grudgingly puts in the hours; customers (employers) know that the only way to even get you there is to bribe you.

Does that mean that you should do work for your customers and just hope that they will appreciate it enough to pay you for its value?  No – any healthy commercial relationship is a partnership, with each side’s needs being met.  You need money so that you can look after yourself and continue to bring your value to the world, and they need that value.  So you can agree in advance what work needs doing, and what a fair payment is going to be.

So what if they don’t agree with the value you put on it?  Well, don’t do the work – you don’t want to be working for people who don’t value it, do you?  People often ask, isn’t that the same as working for pay, if you decline the work that doesn’t pay enough?  My answer to that is no, it is merely you valuing your genius enough to only work with those who will give you a fair reward.

And that’s the critical point – you are not getting bribed to do something you don’t want to, you are happily doing the work – with pride and joy.  And because you are getting fairly rewarded, there’s no compulsion, no grudgingness about it.  No winners and losers.  Just a fair exchange of energy (you do know money is just energy, don’t you?) and value.

So what’s a fair reward for the value your genius creates – and how do you go about making sure you receive it?

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