A First-Rate Version of You

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else” Judy Garland

One of the things we are often told in the business success world is that you should find yourself a hero and then model exactly what they do to be successful. Unfortunately, that simply doesn’t work for most people.

Everyone is different

We are all different, which means that the chances of you picking a hero who is exactly like you is remarkably slim.  And when you copy your hero, even if you do it action for action and do everything in exactly the same order as they did, there will still be something missing – their character and personality.  So the things that worked incredibly well for them can end up going spectacularly badly for you. And that’s not your fault.

Unique experience

You see, you cannot start from exactly where they started from, and the energy you bring to your business is always going to be subtly different to the energy they brought to theirs. You cannot really mimic all their experiences, upbringing, attitudes and all the other stuff that they developed over the course of their life.

So you can only ever be a pale imitation of someone you slavishly copy. A second-rate version of them, to use Ms Garland’s words.

And the good news is, that means that when you show up as your authentic self, with all of your talents, skills, training and experience, then nobody can be as first-rate a version of you as you can.

Learning from heroes

So does that mean that you have to work it all out for yourself from scratch? Surely you can allow yourself to learn from the strategies that the people you admire have made work?  You most certainly can – indeed, I would go so far as to say it’s a very good idea to do so.  But the important  word there is “learn”.  Not copy.

Because you are not them, and their strategies are probably not quite perfect for you. So if you simply do exactly what they did, the chances are it won’t turn out as you hope.  Rather than seeking to copy the actions they did, instead to learn to think as they think. And use their way of thinking, indeed their way of being, to come up with your own actions that are going to work for you.

Many sources

I would even go one step further, and say it’s never a good idea to follow what just one hero did. Far better is to study and observe a number of successful people in whom you can see different elements of yourself. And then create your own individual synthesis of all their successful strategies, one that perfectly suits you and how you uniquely show up in the world.

So yes, absolutely you can learn from your heroes.  Just don’t copy them.


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