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Knowing what you’re here for

This really was a revelation for me” – that’s what one of my clients had to say the other week, about discovering his Core Process.

Someone else said “It’s what I’ve always been doing without realising it and now it’s what I use to inspire myself, hold myself accountable and keep on-track. Beautiful, joyful process. Game-changing outcome.

So why am I telling your this? Well, apart from the fact that I love doing Core Process work and I wanted to share the kind of reactions people have to discovering theirs, there’s a common theme that runs through what people say.  And it’s that their Core Process came as a bit of a surprise, and something they wouldn’t previously have claimed for themselves.

The person who made that second quote also said: “I think that if I’d come up with these words before, I’d have felt cocky and uncomfortable, like they weren’t really me. However, having been through the core process, even though my first comment when ‘Inciting Awesomeness’ came out were, as predicted, OMG (or words to that effect), it really rings true.” (to see who is the delightful career coach who now owns (up to) Inciting Awesomeness, follow this link and look at the testimonials)

You see, nearly everyone tends to under-value what comes naturally to them. So it’s a shock to realise how important it has been to others, right through your life. Which is a shame, because it’s when you’re doing the work that puts you in your natural flow that you get to make the biggest difference to the people you work with. And as well as that being enormously fulfilling, it also means you’re more likely to get properly paid for doing it – IF you are aware of it and make the choice to value it enough to ask!

So my challenge to you this week is this: what is it that you find so easy that you’ve been doing it almost unconsciously all your life, but you’ve been taking it for granted and not putting the value on it that you deserve?


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