dare to be different

DARE to be different …

… and be different to DARE!

One of the things I love doing at the start of the year is getting people connected to their big dream objective for the year.  I touched on this in my earlier post about the PROUD yearly review, but I thought it could benefit from going into a little more detail.

I have a name for those big goals you set yourself for the year – I call them DAREs. And (as you might expect with me), D.A.R.E. stands for something:


Your DARE has to scare you a little, something that really gets your juices flowing. It’s very easy to set yourself targets and objectives that sit nicely inside your comfort zone, but let’s be honest, those are not proper DAREs, are they? They are normal, predictable business planning, designed to maintain a steady state, or maybe move you a little bit forward.

And if you intend to create something a bit different from your genius, then you are going to have to do something a bit different. So I challenge my clients that it’s not a proper DARE until it’s going to require you to BE someone completely different to who you were last year.


When you share your DARE with people around you, you want them saying “Wow!” and being so impressed, they are ready to support you to become that awesome.  That’s not about being overly concerned about what other people think, though. It’s more about being willing to BE an example of what’s truly possible in your reality.

Because by you being willing to stand up and say that you can do something amazing, you also give all your friends permission to step up and declare their own genius. It’s like that Marianne Williamson quote, that ends: “ … as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


A proper DARE has a very real chance of not happening, especially if you aren’t willing to do and BE what is necessary to bring it about. If you already know how to make it happen, then it’s not really very daring is it? So it has to be a little bit silly for you to even think that you could achieve your DARE.

Who gets to say whether your DARE is ridiculous enough?  You do, because you are the only one who knows whether you are daring enough. What is dead easy for one person might be way beyond what you know how to do. So what matters is that it’s ridiculous to YOU.

You see, a proper DARE isn’t about holding you accountable for doing what you said you would do. It’s about saying you are going to do something you don’t even know how to do. And then attracting the knowledge, skills, resources, and support to make it happen, against all the odds.

Expression of your utmost being

The whole purpose of setting yourself a DARE, is to bring more of your unique genius to the world. We are all gifted something a little bit special that we can be and do, and the reason is so that you can make a particular difference in the world. So being true to that genius is an important part of stretching yourself with a DARE.

Anyone can do something that’s designed to be normal, average, real and the same as everyone else. But only you can do the thing that requires your special genius to make it happen. You true genius shows itself when you are creating something that is fully aligned with who you really are, you at your absolute best. And a true DARE is an opportunity (or challenge) for you to show up in the world as your very best self.

Share your DARE

One final point: keeping your DARE to yourself is cheating! It’s not really daring at all. Share it with people, especially with those close to you, and you’ll make it far more likely that you’ll achieve it. And that’s not about accountability; it’s about being willing for it to actually come to something.

Because when you get over how daunting your DARE is and share it, that’s when its audacity makes people sit up and take notice. And it may well be ridiculous to think that you can achieve it on your own, but what if giving voice to that expression of your utmost being could be the magic that attracts the people and resources that will help you to make it a reality?

There’s only one way to find out 😊

You could even join the Joyful Genius Global Community on Facebook and share your DARE there. You might just find someone in there is inspired to help you with it!

Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

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