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Diarise your DARE

Last week I posted about setting yourself a DARE – a daring objective for this year, that is:

  • Daunting (scares you a little – or a lot!)
  • Audacious (makes you – and others – go ‘Wow!’)
  • Ridiculous (to think you could do it)
  • Expression of your utmost Being (you being you at your very best)

It has prompted a lot of conversations over the last week, and a common thread has been about the way time can creep up on you, and suddenly the year is running out before you get started on your DARE.  Just look at the date today (11th Feb) – we’re already nearly half-way through the first quarter!

So how can you make sure that you don’t hit the end of 2018 with your DARE un-dared?

The simple answer is: planning!

Yes, I know, I’m all about joy and fun and not taking life (and especially work) too seriously – but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan.  And you should too, if you want to achieve stuff.

I find the best way to make sure I get my DAREs done, is to get the steps required into the diary as soon as possible.  I start from the date I intend to have completed my DARE, and work back from there.  And here’s a warning: I often find I have a whole lot less time than I thought before I have to get started. But I still put that stake in the ground, the date I intend to have achieved my DARE – otherwise, I tend to allow the milestones to slip, that lead up to a done* DARE.

A simple timetable

For example, my DARE for this year is to run a 5-day retreat somewhere in the Med, for people who want to get Clarity, Connection and Confidence about their Joyful Genius (the 3 Steps to Genius).

My date for that is October (still warm in the Med, getting crappy here in the UK). I’m going to need to confirm with the venue by mid-August, which means I’m going to need to start selling places in earnest by the end of June at the latest.

And that means I’ll need to start putting it out there to my subscribers and followers by May. And have the entire programme mapped out by then. Which means getting input on what potential guests really value during April. Which means getting my ideas on that together by the end of March. Which means … eek! I’d better get a move on!

So what will you do, by when, to make sure your DARE gets done?

If you’d like a chat about how to set and achieve your DARE this year, feel free to book in for a chat:


*As an aside, that so sounds like it ought to be another acronym – a D.O.N.E. DARE – suggestions welcome 😊

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