Happiness at work is not an option!

Seriously, it’s not.

It’s a requirement!

And here’s why – studies that resulted in Enjoyment-Performance Theory showed that people who enjoy their work simply perform better than those who don’t.  Enjoyment-Performance theory is really easy to understand – we perform better at what we enjoy, and we enjoy work that we can do well.  The two go hand-in-hand.  And more than that, because we enjoy doing that thing that we do so well, we do more of it, and we get better at it – which makes it even more enjoyable to do!

I was listening to Michael Flatley on the radio recently, talking about the dancers he works with in his big productions like Riverdance and Lord of The Dance.  He told the interviewer that he doesn’t have to tell the dancers to smile, he doesn’t have to tell them how to be – they do it naturally, because they simply love the dance, and they throw all of their energy into doing it to their absolute best.  And that energy shines through in the final result, an explosion of Joyful Genius from all those people on the stage.

If you aren’t enjoying your work, there is no way you are going to be committing yourself to making it as magnificent as you can – magnificence simply cannot exist without joy.  And if you aren’t operating at your magnificent best, you are being unfair both to the people paying you, and to yourself.

So actually, I would go further than to say happiness at work is not optional – living your unique Joyful Genius at work is an absolute requirement for loving what you do for a living and making a living doing what you love.


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Andrew Horder

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