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My favourite thing to do with clients is an exercise called Core Process. It starts from knowing that everyone has a particular way of being that comes out whenever you are being you at your best. We work together to come up with a phrase that sums up the thing that, when you are doing it, everything seems to come together delightfully, with ease and joy.

Wheel of Life

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Mine came out as “Encouraging Potential”, and it led to me changing my job from managing Key Accounts to becoming a coach. Not everyone gets such a fundamental shift. But pretty much everybody gets something they can use to stay on track to make a great living doing the work they were put on the planet to do.

In case you were wondering why knowing your Core Process (CP) matters, here’s a picture of the Wheel of Life I drew, with all the ways it will improve your work and your life if you know what to do in order to be at your absolute best more of the time:



OK, I’ll start by admitting that I’m not sure knowing your CP is going to make you eat better. But that’s pretty much the only one!


one of the biggest things that affects your physical fitness is stress. And, as I’ll explain, knowing (and using) your CP can reduce your stress levels significantly.  Another brilliant side effect of doing the work that you were born for is that you don’t get worn out doing it. If anything, it gives you energy, where other work might take it away.  You know that feeling of being physically tired but exhilarated after a day doing what you love? That’s what doing (and being) Encouraging Potential allows me to access on a daily basis.

Mental health

Doing work you love and are brilliant at is so much easier (as in, it brings ease) than doing something that feels like it’s a grind. With that ease comes a reduction in stress, and an increase in resilience – it’s not hard to bounce back from challenges when you’re doing what you were built for.

Add in the fact that humans are designed to seek meaning in their lives. Doing work that allows you to access yourself at your very best gives you that wonderful feeling of doing something that matters. All these things mean knowing your CP gives you a great positive mental state.


Work & Income

I’ve lumped these two together because I don’t believe you can have a sustainably good income without what you’re doing to earn it being also a source of joy. Just look up “Enjoyment Performance Theory” if you doubt that – it makes perfect sense.

When you know the special value you bring to your work (and your life), and you arrange to be able to do more of that, you are going to find yourself getting paid more. That’s because people simply love to engage people who know their value, and who deliver it with joy.

Talking of joy, we all love to be great at what we do.  Remember that buzz when you were working on something that just went amazingly well? With CP you get to repeat those sorts of time regularly – every month, every week – why not even every day.  And that means your work is going to move from being a chore to being a powerful source of joy.

And imagine how your clients and employers are going to feel, when they see you so excited and engaged in your work. I know my clients love my commitment to them, now I get to use my CP all the time.

And the final way that knowing your CP improves things for your work (and income) is that you are more effective at it. The whole point of Core Process is it helps identify what you are doing when you are at your best. Doing more of that can’t help but create even better results!


Once you know how you add most value, that also gives a good clue about what’s important to you in the world. And that means that you can plan to make your investments align better with that.

That’s even more important if you’re an active investor. You can seek out investments where using your CP can bring more to the project than just money for funding. Which means you not only get to help increase your returns, you have a great time doing it.


Love & home

It’s quite amazing – when you are relaxed and happy in your work, you’re much nicer to be around. That can only make for better relationships with your loved ones.

And when you know you are doing the right work for you, there’s a certain glow of confidence that radiates from you. That makes it difficult for those close to you not to feel a little proud of the amazing work their spouse/partner/parent does. And it’s hard to pick a fight with someone you’re proud of 😊

Here’s another thing – knowing what you’re here to do means that you can also be confident about asking your loved ones for their support. And that glow of ‘rightness’ about what you’re doing in the world means you’ll get it too, because they know you deserve it.


One of the big things I see happening with friendships when someone is on a purposeful path is that they tend to find themselves moving forward faster than their friends. That can be a bit challenging, even a little lonely, as you find yourself leaving old friends behind.

Armed with your CP, what happens is your clarity and congruence, plus the  confidence that comes with that, attracts people to you who share your dreams. It can even enrol your existing friends in them, so you all get to move forward together.


And that isn’t just true of your close circle of friends.  It also happens in your wider community, as your increased presence allows you to become a leader of that ‘tribe’ who share your values.

People who are prepared to truly own their CP tend to show up with a desire to do more and be more. That means they are more willing to align themselves with other leaders on a similar path, and to become more impactful in their work.


CP is, at its core, a spiritual thing. It’s about discovering what it is you’re here on the planet to do. Or to be. Whether you believe in an intelligent god-head, or simply a universe that has your back, when you became incarnate, there was a way of being that you were meant to fulfil. That’s your CP.

But here’s something you need to understand. It’s not about what function you perform, like consultant or therapist. It’s about how you do it, and who you are being when you do it. That’s why we end up with such unique phrases to describe it – like “Encouraging Potential”, “Awakening Freedom”, “Realising Possibilities” or my all-time favourite (so far), “Inspiring Fabulousness” (though it has to be said, “Inciting Awesomeness” runs that a close second).


Rather like Community, knowing your CP allows you to connect at a deeper level with the tribe who you serve. When you know who you need to be to be at your best, it’s much easier to seek out the people who are going to get you.  And when you’re spending your time serving people who get you, so much less time gets wasted on explaining what’s important.

And it’s also much easier to maintain your connection to source (or God, Gaia, or whatever) when you know that the way you’re showing up in the world is you following your true path, that one you were made incarnate to follow. If you’re feeling at all disconnected from your life’s meaning, the chances are you’ve drifted too far from the work you’re here for, your CP.


Knowing how you most add value means making a contribution so much easier. Exactly the same as your work for clients or employers, the work you do as a contribution is also much more joyful – and effective – when you get to use your CP. In fact, when you’re using your CP, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re getting paid or doing it pro bono, you are still being a massive contribution to the world.

That means you get to make far better choices about where to contribute resources – whether that’s money or your time, maybe even your energy. Using the ability to be and do your CP is a great way to choose where you can contribute most.


Doing and being your CP, showing up in the world at your most effective, means that your consciousness doesn’t get all cluttered up with thoughts like “Am I doing this right”, or “Should I even be doing this at all?” You are going with your knowing, and your knowing is telling you that you’re doing things well.

Knowing your CP stops all that second-guessing yourself, and all the people-pleasing stuff that has us trying to be what we think the world ought to expect us to be. Instead, armed with the clarity, congruence and confidence that comes with understanding yourself at your best, you can simply do what you know you are here to do, and be who you know you are here to be. Yourself at your best!

“Game-changing outcome”

That all seems a lot to get from a single exercise, doesn’t it?  One of my challenges is that I do Core Process all the time, so I can kind of forget quite how powerful it can be.  Which is what prompted me to put it all on a wheel of life, to remind myself quite how good it is.  That sub-title above is what a coach who went through Core Process had to say about it, and I think that sums it up rather well.

And here’s my challenge for you this week: how are you going to get the clarity, congruence and confidence of knowing what you’re great at, and how to do more of it, more of the time?



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