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Selling yourself short

Do you enjoy your work?  I mean do you wake up every weekday morning excited and inspired about what you’re going to do that day?

Or is it more a case of doing what you have to do, to keep the boss happy, or to keep that important client? Or worse still (if you ask me anyway), you don’t really know what you’re going to do today, you just know you have to be at your desk on time if you’re going to get paid.

If that’s you, someone who is just going through the motions, physically turning up at a certain place and time, but leaving your spirit somewhere else, then here’s something to ask yourself:

If you are spending your days swapping time for money, getting your body to a place it doesn’t want to be, to do stuff your spirit doesn’t want to be doing, isn’t that just like whoring yourself out?

Think about it.  A prostitute gets paid to take their body to a particular place, and to do stuff with it that their spirit wouldn’t choose for them.

And so do you.

Just because the unpleasant stuff you get paid to do doesn’t involve sex, that doesn’t make it OK. If your work doesn’t bring you joy at least a couple of days a week, you are still selling your body for money. And worse: you are selling out on your spirit, and you’re selling yourself short.

So my challenge for you in this next week is to identify the work that makes your spirit soar, and start a plan to get more of that.

You may not realistically be in a position to simply chuck in your job right away.  Or you may not be ready to forego the income from that awful client for a few weeks yet. But what you can do is identify what you want less of, and what you intend to get more of.

And then set in motion the changes that will bring that about.

You can start that today – and get on a better game.


PS: if you’re fortunate enough to be one of the people I described in the first sentence of this post and you’re already loving your work every day, who do you know who isn’t? Might they appreciate a wake-up call that it’s time to stop whoring themselves out? Share this post with them right now.



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