Making Your Resolutions Count

I’ve always had a bit of a downer on “New Year’s Resolutions”. My thinking has always been, surely we can make the choice to do something different on any day, why just the 1st of January?  There seems to me to be something rather fake about the idea that we will somehow have more resolve just because the number at the end of the date has changed.

That’s probably why I’ve never been very good at keeping mine.

Heck, I’m not even any good at making them!

Positive Energy

Generally, once people start on what I call the “3 Steps to Genius”, they have already set their intentions about Stepping Up and getting clarity about what it is, made some plans about what they need to do to Step Into it and become truly congruent with it, and even have a few ideas about how to Step Out with it confidently and tell people about it.

So they kind of already have their intentions set, for the next few months at least.

On the other hand, with all the people around you setting their targets and goals for the next 12 months, that does create a lovely energy of renewed hope. And you can ride that energy to increase your chances of sticking to your objectives for 2018.


One of the problems with New Year’s Resolutions is that there’s a lot of them being made, and that makes it easy for us to quietly slip ours in amongst all the others.  And that lets us avoid actually being held to account for them. So the first way to ride that optimistic New Year energy is to make your objectives public. Tell someone other than your nearest and dearest – the more people, the better!

Ideally one of the people to tell would be your coach. And give them permission to hold you accountable for sticking to your intentions. Agree in advance how often they will check, and how. Failing to set any accountability is the top way to avoid keeping those New Year promises you make yourself.

The Power of Peers

With all the positive energy of intention-setting going on, why not get together with a few like-minded people and create some resolutions that will really move you forward next year? The energy of setting intentions in a group can significantly enrich the process, with ideas firing off each other sparking more insightful, inciting and exciting possibilities than you could ever come up with on your own.  Plus, you now have a built-in accountability group!

Feel free to use the Joyful Genius Global Community on Facebook to keep in touch with your intention group (or indeed to find your group).

Riding the Wave

Even if you can’t manage to get together with a group, even online, you can still pick up on the New Year energy.  Before setting, or confirming, your intentions for the year, sit yourself down in a quiet place and ask how you might make the coming year even better. You can put on some inspiring music (I suggest music with no lyrics), or use a scented candle or even incense to stimulate your senses. And then allow ideas to flow freely into your mind.

Don’t worry if nothing pops up right away – sometimes it takes a while to connect with the positive energy, especially if your Christmas has been a whirl of family and feasting. And don’t worry even if no ideas come at all – it could be that you have already set the perfect intention. This exercise is about tapping in to the universal consciousness and allowing yourself to be all that you can be in the coming year.

The Perfect Moment for Change?

It can be great to ride the positive vibes of New Year, but know that this might not be your perfect time to make new choices. And that’s fine. If it doesn’t feel light to be setting long-term intentions right now, it’s perfectly OK to leave it until the time does feel right. You might just set some short-term objectives instead.

Just because it’s New Year, don’t feel pressured into following the resolution-setting crowd. It’s perfectly OK to just enjoy the time off, and enter the New Year refreshed and energised to achieve the existing intentions you already set before all the festive mayhem began!


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