Ripples of Consciousness

One of the big things about taking your genius out into the world is that you never really know what difference you are going to make. You might share one thought with the right person, and they repeat it to the right person, and suddenly a whole generation picks up on a meme.

Or you might simply be the example of a way of being, that somebody follows, and then somebody else.  And suddenly you’ve changed the world.  One single action has the potential to affect all 7bn of us. You never know what that action might be, but if you make it a priority to take your genius out to play every day, you’ll improve the chances of making that difference.

Here’s an example.  I used a quote on the Joyful Genius Facebook page last week, that’s credited everywhere to the actress Lily Tomlin:

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. And then I realised I was somebody!”

But according to the quote reference sites, Lily Tomlin probably wasn’t the first to say it.  It first showed up in some church literature in the early 1970s. The point is, if whoever first said it had kept that thought to themselves, then it might never have been uttered by a famous actress.

What you choose to set in motion might just reach a much wider audience than you think it can.

The Dalai Lama has a saying: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!” Thinking yourself too small is just a cop-out. In these days of instant free communication, there is no excuse for not putting your ideas out there.

Sure, what you say may be very similar to what some of the big names say.  And that’s fine. When you speak and write in your natural ‘voice’, what you say will resonate with ‘your people’.  So a message that they might reject from a big name they don’t like, will magically sink in when they receive it from you.

Somebody read that “I was somebody” quote in their church publication, and repeated it to somebody. And they repeated it somebody else, who repeated it, eventually, to Lily Tomlin. And now it’s an idea that’s quoted everywhere.

It’s easy to think you are going to need some massive organisation for your genius to make a real mark on the world. But for now, all you need is to gather a small band of committed people who are on the same page as you. You can even make a start as just you.

Every movement that ever got anywhere started with someone making a stand for something. Watch this TED Talk to see how a movement can grow from nothing: (3mins)

If you’re wondering where you might find your small band of like-minded people, I invite you to try the Joyful Genius Global Community on Facebook for a start.

You see, absolutely anything you do has some impact on somebody.  And what they do as a result has an impact on somebody else, and so on. The size and reach of your impact is not your concern.  You can’t know where they are in their life, and what issues they are facing. Your action might just be what pulls a single individual from the brink.  Or you might change a whole generation.

The thing you can affect is the quality of that first impact, and whether it creates a positive or negative change. You get to choose – make it a wise choice, it might just change the world!

Steve Jobs talked about the people who change the world being the ones crazy enough to think they can.  It might seem a bit crazy to think that little you and that Genius you’ve been gifted might one day change the whole world. But if you keep it all wrapped up and hidden from sight, then you’ll never know, will you?

As you close down before a well-earned festive break, just give your unconscious mind this question to play with while you’re off: “How crazy am I willing to be next year?”

And Step Up, Step Into and Step Out with your unique genius.

Remember – YOU are somebody!


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