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Stop looking for answers!

In my world of personal development and business coaching, there are an incredible number of people who claim to have ‘the answer’, even ‘the secret’.  I’ll be honest, for a while I thought I had hit upon at least one of the secrets to being successful.

But then ‘the downturn’ arrived, and everything changed, so my ‘secret’ didn’t work so well.

One thing I have come to realise is that anyone who claims to have a definitive answer is almost certainly deceiving someone – whether that means they are deliberately trying to trick you out of your precious cash, or simply that they are fooling themselves, and genuinely think their ‘answer’ will help you.

Here’s the thing: what works for one person, today, will not necessarily work for someone else tomorrow.  We are all individual, with a unique set of attitudes, skills and experiences – and that means that we have to find our own unique way to make things work.  And, as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is often paraphrased, the only constant in life is change – so even if there is something that works for every individual right now, it will soon start to produce less than perfect results.

So, if there is no universal ‘answer’, what are we supposed to do, just bumble along by trial and error, hoping to somehow get the right results?

Well yes – sort of.  The answer, paradoxically, lies in the questions we ask.  And continue to ask.  You see, looking for answers suggests the pursuit of a definite conclusion.  Finite.  Limited, constrained, boxed in.

Asking questions, on the other hand, opens things up – possibilities, opportunities, the mind.  Any question, even a closed yes/no question presupposes more than one thing that could happen, that we could do, that we could choose.  That creates an expanding, unbounded, abundant world.

And the trick (my ‘answer’, if you will, for now at least) is to make and take those choices and opportunities without making them a conclusion.  To continue to ask further questions – “How can I improve on this”, “Is this still the best approach available?”, “What else is possible?”

Some will complain that this is an approach that leads to being permanently dissatisfied with one’s lot.  I agree.

And I see that as a positive.  We are not designed to stagnate, we are at our most alive when we are learning, growing, becoming more than we were yesterday.

What’s the question that will unlock your genius this week?


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