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A few months ago I trained in a great profiling system that really helps teams understand each other, leading to much greater levels of trust and flow.  Based (loosely) on the i-Ching, and I believe also on Jungian types, Talent Dynamics allows your team members to see where they play the strongest part in the team – innovation, people, service or systems.  Knowing where everyone fits into the team is a massive boost to trust between the team members, and each person spending more time in their personal flow creates enormous shifts in job satisfaction.

Find where job satisfaction is for you?

There is an online test that you can take (no, it’s not free, it’s far more valuable than that!) to find out your Talent Dynamics profile.  Take a look at the diagram below and see if you know where you might be on the grid.  I thought I would come up as a “Mechanic”, all systems and creation, but in fact I’m a Trader, with a strong side-serving of Accumulator.  That means I’m great at implementing, and at developing long-term value, and I need some help to get things started and to promote them.  Knowing that has helped me to put together or join teams where my strengths are most valuable, and my weaknesses are covered.  and that has led to greater success, and massively greater job satisfaction!

Talent Dynamics Square

Improve your job satisfaction now!

To take the Talent Dynamics test, just click the link below:

Talent Dynamics Test

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