Designing your ideal work life

In a previous post I talked about the three steps to living your Joyful Genius:

  • Step Up and own up to having something a bit special about you
  • Step Into that specialness and truly own it, and
  • Step Out and take your genius boldly out into the world.

You start stepping up by taking the time to understand what you expect your business and your work to create for you – like they say, without a destination, any direction will do! The first element of the INSPIRED Business Blueprint is the IDEAL Lifestyle designer, made up of five elements:

Wheel of Work

Identify what’s not going as well as you’d like it.  A great tool for this is the “wheel of work”. Here’s an example of one I did recently, but you can use whatever categories work for you.  You mark in each segment how well things are going now, compared to where you’d like them to be.

Dream-board your ideal life. You get a big piece of card and stick images and words on it that represent your perfect life. For some people that might mean cutting out pictures of a Bentley car from magazines, or maybe a super-yacht, or a big house. And for others, the dream might be about travel and happy smiling people.  The more detailed your dream-board the better, but don’t get hung up on it.  The important thing is to get the energy of your desires onto the board, so you can keep it in front of you.

Experience your ideal life as if you have it right now. I use a “Perfect Day” visualisation, where you close your eyes and imagine yourself in that ideal future when you’ve achieved the work and the income you really desire.  I find it best to run through my imaginary day, starting from when I wake up in the morning, right through to going to bed at night.  For the blueprint, we’re doing the exercise in the context of your business and your work, so make it a working day.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be ALL about work, does it!

Attract the energy of what you want. Energy is a vital part of creating a business you can love, so finding a way to connect with that energy and attract more of it towards you is essential.  I find that the best way is to imagine myself pulling the energy of what I desire towards myself, and then to ask myself a series of questions about how I can have more of that.

To get a better idea of what this entails, I suggest you download my free “Magical money Manifestation” MP3 meditation from this link: Magical Money MP3

Linking yourself to what you desire can be done using a “resource anchor” that can take you instantly into the resource state of the kind of person who creates that kind of business.  So if you ever find yourself drifting, you can just fire off your anchor, and get back into the zone of creating the work life you desire.

Obviously, we’ve just run though the basics here. The important thing is to know what you want your working life to look and feel like, so you know when you are getting there.

And if you do nothing else after reading this, create your “Wheel of Work” and figure out which aspects of your working life you most desire to change.


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