What are your Super Skills?

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In previous posts in this series you’ve looked at your IDEAL Lifestyle and your Natural FLOW, now we are going to look at your skills in what I call the Super Skills Spotlight.  There are three main ways to spot how these skills are important to your perfect customer.

I call them the “3 T’s of Talent”:


In one of my favourite ways of getting at my private clients’ genius, Core Process, it starts with you telling some stories (“Tales”) of times in your life when things have been going incredibly well.  The full exercise takes up to half a day, but here’s a shortened version.

Start by telling some stories of times you’ve been at your best, and then tease out a theme for what was going on and how you were being brilliant. I find this works best if you have someone with you to tell the stories to, but you could also just write them down for yourself.

Once you find your theme, it acts as a guide to do more of the kind of work lights you up.


It can be a mistake to assume you know everything customers truly value about your work and the way you do it.  Your testimonials can give a powerful insight into what they really appreciate.

When I first started out as a coach, I went on about creating a safe space for you to explore your genius. When I looked at my testimonials, what my clients really valued was the way I challenge them. Which is kind of cool – because that’s also the bit I enjoy! Of course it’s safe too, but it’s very definitely challenging!

This is similar but opposite to the ‘obvious’ part of finding your Natural FLOW.  In your testimonials you are going to find that way of being that’s not obvious to you (because it’s just part of who you are when you show up as your authentic self), but clients adore it about you.

It can take quite a while to surface your less-obvious skills from your testimonials. We’re going to be spending a big chuink of time on that in the 3-day intensive and the 12-month INSPIRED Business Gameplan programme. And it’s always worth making that time.


With a series of questions designed for a meaningful response about what your ideal customers truly like about working with you, you can get a much clearer picture of what’s so special about you – in their eyes.

You could send out a survey (I recommend Typeform for that). Or even better, call them up and have a real conversation (I know – shocking!). Actually speaking to them means you can follow wherever the conversation flows and get a much better idea of how they see you.  And a real live conversation might even bring out some more work they need you to do.

Talking to your customers, and former customers, on a regular basis is good practice anyway.  Particularly the ones you really enjoyed working with. It helps keep you on track with keeping yourself and your business appealing to the sort of customers you want to be attracting.

Start discovering your Super Skills

My challenge for you this week is to get together with a friend and talk about those brilliant times when you were really shiny and bright, loving the work, doing a great job, and generally loving your working life.

And then join the Joyful Genius Global Community on Facebook and share what you’ve discovered.

Go on – I dare you!


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