Finding your FLOW

In a the first post in this series I talked about the three steps to living your Joyful Genius:

  • Step Up and own up to having something a bit special about you
  • Step Into that specialness and truly own it, and
  • Step Out and take your genius boldly out into the world.

These steps split down further, into the eight elements of what I call the INSPIRED Business Blueprint. Last week we looked at the first element of the Step Up part, designing your ideal working life. In this post I am going to look at the second stage, identifying the kind of work that puts you in your natural FLOW.

INSPIRED Business Blueprint

INSPIRED Business Blueprint

Natural F.L.O.W. Finder

“Flow” was described by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as being where your skills in doing a task matches the degree of challenge. Too much challenge, and you’re getting into stress, too little, and it’s no longer motivating. I have four ways to help you identify what that work is for you.


When you get so absorbed in your work that you lose track of time, and you forget to eat or drink – ever been working so intensely on something you suddenly realise it’s gone dark and you mouth has gone all dry?  That’s “flow”, make a point of noticing what you’re doing when that happens.


You are probably more intuitive than you admit, and have inner knowing about the right work for you.  Typically that knowing shows up as a feeling of lightness and expansion for the right work, and heaviness and contraction for work that’s not in your flow.  If you’re less confident in your ability to recognise light and heavy, you can use techniques like kinesiology or muscle-testing.  Feel free to get in touch to see what might work best for you.


Sometimes your work seems so simple that you can’t imagine anybody not knowing how to do it.  That’s an indicator of flow.  We tend to under-value what we know, so when you find yourself in one of those face-palm moments wondering how someone could possibly be so dumb, understand that you’ve found your flow.

Wealth Dynamics

This profile test is the first thing I like to get clients to do.  It identifies which of 8 ‘games’ you are most comfortable playing in business. It’s based on Jungian types and the I-Ching, and shows you how you most naturally add value to a business and to a team.  You can find out more, and complete the test if you like, at this link: Wealth Dynamics (or you can do the more basic version for free here: The Genius Test).

So your action this week is to do at least the Genius Test, and then make a note of what work Fascinates you, what work feels Light for you, and what work is so easy for you, it’s Obvious.

And for a deeper understanding, consider doing the full Wealth Dynamics test, of course!


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