Finding JOY in your Business

In this INSPIRED Business Blueprint series so far, you have identified your Ideal lifestyle, you have a good idea what you are Naturally in flow doing, you know what other people say you’re Super-skilled at, and you know how all that helps you fulfil your Purpose.

Now for some fun; let’s see how to enable your Inner J.O.Y. 😊


When you’re doing the work you were put on the planet to do, you are going to find that instead it tiring you, you feel uplifted by it.  That’s a big clue that you are following your joy – it ‘juices’ you up.  It’s so enjoyable, it feels almost cheeky to be getting paid for it (don’t worry, that’s just your ‘western work-ethic’ conditioning, you can shift that!).  Spotting which tasks energise you means you can focus on opportunities that get you paid for having fun.


So what about all the other stuff that needs doing? The simple answer: get someone else to do it.   But it’s not always that simple.

There are two things to think about:

  • What will it cost to get it done?
  • How critical is it to what makes me different?

Where it’s critical and part of what make you different, those are the things to keep in-house.  Whether you do them yourself or employ someone depends on how expensive they are, and also how much you enjoy them – but I’m assuming here that it’s unlikely you’ll be building a business around something you hate doing or are rubbish at!

If it’s not critical to your uniqueness, and relatively cheap to get someone to do it, you can outsource it to someone who specialises in that.  Where it‘s expensive but not critical, you’ll need to consider how good you are at it and how much you hate doing it.

This grid sums all that up:

The Outsource Matrix

The idea is that the only thing you end up doing in the business is the thing that only you can do.

You in the business

That brings us onto the role you are best playing in your business. Many specialists are brilliant at what they do, but are rubbish business managers. Just because you’re the owner, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run the business. It may suit you better to stick to doing your thing, and get someone else in to handle things like management.

And that begs the question of what kind of business you plan to create. Will it be a major corporation with offices and staff, or just you, with everything non-core contracted out? Either is great, and you can create a very decent income for yourself with either set-up. It’s your choice – but it’s one you need to make, or you’ll end up with something you didn’t plan, and that gives you no joy!

Make your work JOYful

I suggest you spend some time thinking about the activities that Juice you up, and then give some thought to what you can effectively Outsource, before thinking about the role You plan to play in the business.

And to help with the outsource decision, you can download the Outsource Matrix, a spreadsheet tool I created for my private clients, here:


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