How often do you report in to the boss?

I’m listening to a great interview from Jack Canfield on Lisa Garr’s Aware Show.  Jack suggests that employees wanting to earn a raise should give their boss each week, unprompted, a quick and simple report:

  • What I did this week
  • What I didn’t get done this week
  • What I need some help with

The idea is that typically bosses don’t really notice what their team actually achieve, only taking notice when things go wrong.  So pointing out what you’ve done for them helps them to value you more.

Sooo … how does that apply to entrepreneurs and to Focus?

You might remember a blog I wrote a long time ago: BE your own boss – in which I reminded you that being your own boss means you have to manage yourself.  Well, this is the reverse – as your employee, you also have to make sure that the “boss you” is aware of all the good things you’ve achieved each week.  Because you are almost certainly achieving loads, but “boss you” is probably being harder on you than they would on any other employee, and focusing only on what didn’t happen, or expecting you to produce the results without the support or training you need.

So make a point of bringing all your positive achievements to “boss you”s attention – write yourself a report every Friday afternoon, listing everything you’ve got done, and any targets missed – and don’t forget to include the things you need some help with.


Then, as a good boss, provide the help you need, and most importantly, give yourself some appreciation – maybe even a nice reward –  for all your achievements!

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Andrew Horder

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