Beating Dis-Traction

© Franck Boston - Fotolia.comOne of my favourite types of people to work with is the business owner who feels like they are “spinning their wheels” in their business, they just don’t seem to be able to stay focused on one thing long enough to get any real traction, and real results.  Most of the time that turns out to be because they are to ready to allow themselves to be distracted by the next shiny new opportunity, before they’ve given enough attention to the previous one.

This dis-traction is very common in new businesses particularly, especially those who have recently left the corporate world.  Often, people leaving corporate careers find themselves doing so because they just can’t stay there any longer – they are motivated more to get away from the constraints and hassles of corporate life, than they are to achieve any specific goal.  “Be my own boss” is not a specific goal – there are too many ways to achieve it, and it’s really “Not have a boss” anyway.

The trouble with this sort of “away-from” motivation is that when your main objective is to get away from something, any direction will do – even if it’s taking you further away from your true purpose.  And so will the next direction.  And the one after that.

The best way to beat this sort of dis-Traction is to identify what it is you really want to achieve – something really meaningful, your purpose in life.  And then measure every shiny new distraction against that – will it take you closer to your big goal or not?  This isn’t about discipline – that’s one way to stay focused, but it’s the hard way – it’s about having a passion and a purpose that draws you emotionally towards it.

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