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In this final in the series of posts running you through the INSPIRED Business Blueprint, I am going to cover both of the practical aspects of the blueprint – the Elegant Execution Strategy and the Dazzling Delivery Plan.  Once you have done the deeper personal work of the first six elements, these are relatively straightforward.  And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire experts to advise you on the parts that are not in your natural flow!

Elegant Execution StrategyElegant Execution Strategy

There are “4 M’s of Making It Happen” that your strategy will need to take into account:


The first thing is the kind of business set-up is right for you – things like the legal structure and how it will be funded and owned. You will also need to think about how it’s going to interact with your customers – does it need premises, or will you go to them?  Working with people one at a time, or in groups?  Or maybe it will all be internet based, with everything online?


What products and services are you going to offer, and what’s your  pricing strategy – driven by the type of customers you’ll be working with. And even if you intend to target a particular part of the market – whether that’s high-end or budget – there will still be people at the other price-points who value what you do.  A  simple ‘price ladder’ will have something under $100, then something under $1000, then several thousand.


You are going to need some numbers – preferably ones that add up!  Work out how many people you will need to serve to make the income you need.  And make sure that you can find enough hours to serve them fully, leaving enough time for finding them too.

Also work out how many leads you will need to find, to allow you to get that many customers. With conversion rates from cold lead to paying customer sometimes being dozens or of leads for a single customer, that can mean significant resources are needed to generate them.


You need to plan how your business can be scaled, to get you away from the time-for-money trap. This is how you create a business that has a value without you, meaning you get to sell it in the future if you want to.

There are loads of ways to do that – employing staff, training associates, recruiting licensees or even selling franchises. Everything you’ve been through so far in the blueprint will help you decide which one is right for you and your business.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s ever too soon to be thinking about expansion plans. Business brokers or M&A (mergers and acquisitions) consultants, repeatedly tell me that a business owner has done things early on that makes it harder to scale or to sell later on.

Dazzling Delivery PlanDazzling Delivery Plan

This is different for every business, and is the sort of thing we cover individually on the 3-day intensive, and especially in the 12-month 1-to-1 programme. And for the basics, here are the “4 Ps of Planning for Success”:


You will need to keep detailed notes of what you do to deliver the outcomes your customers are paying for, and how you delight them and turn them into your raving fans. Creating and documenting your processes makes it much easier to realise the ‘multiply’ part of your strategy.


You are going to need a marketing plan – even with the best products and services in the world, you need to get the message out into the right places and in the right way. Otherwise you can end up the best ‘best-kept-secret’ in the world.  And poor. And frustrated with not creating the results you deserve.

Ideally, you would get a professional marketing specialist to do you promotion for you. At the very least I suggest you engage a serious marketer to create a plan, and then follow it. Marketing is the life-blood of any business, and skimping on it usually leads to failure. This is an area where focus will pay dividends.


Talking of involving specialists, your delivery plan will need to include the people you need.  I am a great advocate of the advice given to one of my influences by his mentor: “The only thing you should be doing in your business, is the thing that only you can do!”

I covered what to get other people doing in the “Outsource” section of the Inner JOY Enabler (see this post)

You may not yet be able to take on all the people you need, but that shouldn’t stop you creating a timetable for when you plan to. One of the best ways I know to NOT love your business is to keep on doing it all yourself for too long.


Your “Key Performance Indicators” are the metrics you are going to use to keep track of your success of the business you love. Business without enjoyment is not a lot of fun, but business without profit is not a lot of good!

Include both “lead” and “lag” indicators in your metrics.  Lead indicators are the activities you need to generate results in the future.  Mine include number of networking events attended, how many videos I’ve posted in the Joyful Genius Global Community, and how many talks I have given.

Lag indicators are what has happened in the past. That would include things like total revenues, total costs, number of customers, cash in the bank. Good old traditional business measures, that let you know your lead indicators are working. And of course if they aren’t, you may need to revise your lead indicator targets!

Your “broad-brush” plan

I’m not going to claim that all of this will give you a robust business plan, and certainly not what you will need if you plan to ask others to help fund your business.  But I can say that if your strategy and delivery plan include these eight elements, and if your overall business blueprint has considered each of the eight building blocks I have covered in this series of blogs, you will be well on your way to creating a business you can truly love.

You can download an overview worksheet to create your Elegant Execution Strategy and your Dazzling Delivery Plan from the resources section here:

And if you would like all the elements of the INSPIRED Business Blueprint in a single document, you can download a mini-guide ebook here: INSPIRED Business Blueprint mini-guide


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