Me and My Money …

Apologies for the slight similarity to the title of the excellent Robbie Williams song “Me and My Monkey” – although actually my relationship with money has been a bit of an out-of-control thing over the years, so maybe that’s why I chose it!

I was thinking as I lay in bed this morning, pondering what I would do if my numbers had come up in last night’s £130m UK Lottery*, what would I do if I had that sort of money? Would I give up working?  Would I go do something else? What would I do different?

And I thought to myself (as far as work is concerned anyway) not much would change.  I already do most of my best work over Skype or Hangouts, and I love what I do.  I might do things from a different place, but why would I do anything different?

And then I realised that actually one big thing would change: I could spend more on getting my message in front of more people, and I could hire more people to do the stuff I still think I have to do that isn’t really me at my best.  In other words – I could serve more people, better.  I would be able to get more and more people resonating joyfully with their genius, creating a much nicer, more resonant, society for us all to work and live in.  In short: I could change the world of work a whole lot faster!

That reminded me of a question that Dr Dain Heer, one of the leaders of Access Consciousness (, asks on a regular basis: “How could you make more difference in the world – with 100 dollars or with 100 million dollars?”

So here’s the thing: way too many ‘conscious’ people have a thing about getting properly paid for using their gift.  And when they hold back from allowing themselves to receive enough to take their genius out into the world in a big way, they are short-changing everybody else too!

So how about, you become willing to receive a decent living from using your gift as widely as you can, and stop playing so small in the world?

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*Some people think that you shouldn’t do things like play the lottery, relying instead on your own skills and talents to make lottery-style money.  I agree that we shouldn’t rely on some random chance to sort out our finances, and our lives, but for the sake of a few pounds a week (less than most people spend on coffees) and a couple of minutes on my smart-phone while I wait for a train or something, I’m opening up a whole new array of possibilities for myself – alongside those I have rather more control over.  And somebody’s got to win – why not me and my future clients!

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