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Turn Up, Show Up, Do The Business

A networking contact of mine said something that really resonated with me a couple of weeks ago.  He was talking about the only real way to be successful in business, and the phrase he used was “Turn up, show up, do the business”.

Here are the thoughts that Paul’s phrase prompted for me:

Turn up

You have to actually be present to make things happen.  In his book, “Get Off Your Arse” (GOYA), founder of 4Networking, Brad Burton, has a great way of describing a fatal behaviour of what he calls ‘back bedroom entrepreneurs’ who are destined to fail: “sitting in your underpants, aggressively waiting for the phone to ring”.

So you need to actually get out there and talk to the people who might become your clients. Networking events are a great way to start.

Show up

Physical presence is one thing, and you need to also have an energetic presence that resonates with your audience. So as well as being physically there, when you show up in your authentic being, that’s when your ideal clients will resonate with what you are offering and start seeking you out, looking for ways to engage with you and what you stand for.

Do the business

Being physically present, and giving off the right energy are both essential, but they are what in MBA-speak are described as “necessary but not sufficient”.  They aren’t going to result in high-paying clients without this final ingredient.

The first part of “do the business” is making sure you have an offer that people can easily engage with.  And the other, even more important part is actually asking for the business!

That’s right – even after you have put some clothes over your underpants and gone out into the real wide world to find some potential customers, after you have become completely clear on how you add value and got your energy nicely resonating with that, even after you have designed the most elegant of propositions for people to buy from you … you are still going to have to ask for the order!

Turn up physically, show up energetically, and do the business commercially – that’s the only way to success as a conscious business.

The Resonance Factor

If you want some help identifying how to show up (as your authentic being) and do the business (with a truly stand-out offer), then you should check out the new programme I've created with my friend Ian MacMillan - this webinar will tell you all you need to know (we'll even help you with the showing up bit, by helping you get in front of the perfect clients that your offer's really going to resonate with):

The Resonance Factor Webinar details

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