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Not all boundaries are real …

The other day we were out exploring the countryside with some friends.  We had read about a fantastic ancient site nearby, and we looked up precise instructions about its location. But when we got there, all we could see was a closed gate, a tatty old brown sign down in the corner, and a fellow working a little way into the field. Our default response would be to accept that the boundary was closed, accepting the limitation that placed on us.

But one of the friend who was with us, he’s not that sort of a chap. He reasoned that this was on private land, and they might not be too keen on visitors, but as it’s an ancient monument, it’s supposed to be open to the public. Trying the gate, he found that what looked like a padlock keeping it closed was in fact just hanging there, not preventing us from opening it at all.  So we sauntered in, waving a cheery “Good Morning!” to the guy working in there – and as predicted, he just waved back and wished us a good morning back.

So instead of turning round and getting back in the car, disappointed and a little bit grumpy, we got to explore a fantastic little piece of history, and have a lovely walk in nature across the fields and through a small wood – which was delightful in itself. It really set us up for a great start to the day.

So what did my friend’s determination to see the ancient works teach me?  That not all perceived barriers to what you desire are real, that the boundaries of where you can go may actually be a lot further than you think, and that before accepting an apparent limitation placed upon you it’s always worth testing whether you can ignore it and achieve your aims anyway!

So my challenge to you is to be aware of where you are choosing to accept limitations when if you chose possibility you would have a completely different life and living.


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