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The Importance of Preparation

There I was, sitting watching a nice inspiring movie while my wife did a little ironing and she suddenly let out an exasperated noise.

“I need my blue shirt for the morning, so do you want me to take over for a while?” I asked, thinking she might be fed up with ironing while I was just watching the DVD.

“No,” came the terse reply, “it’s this damn iron, it keeps spitting white crap out onto the clean clothes!”

A couple of minutes and a visit to the instructions file later, we realised that rather than just leaping in and assuming we knew how it worked, we should have been descaling our iron every few weeks since we bought it – over a year ago!  No wonder it was playing up!

So what has all this got to do with living your Joyful Genius, you might ask.  Well, this isn’t another of those “RTFM” posts – you know, what we used to say to clients in the IT support business: “Read The Flippin’ Manual!” While it is always useful to make sure you have all the information you need to be able to run your business properly, there’s a bigger lesson here.

If you want to make a decent living from your individual business, and get properly rewarded from bringing your unique genius to a world that so desperately needs it, there are going to be some basic things that you need to make sure get done.  And many of them will be stuff that you would really rather not have to do.

Now, I know that in an ideal world we’d all go out and outsource all the tasks that aren’t our Joyful Genius. It’s great to have that as an objective, but let’s get real here for a moment, shall we? As a small business (especially in the early days) there is probably not enough revenue coming in to pay someone else to do them quite yet.  So the temptation is to keep putting them off, and just get on with the exciting, joyful stuff you do so well.

Which is fine … until that lack of preparation comes back to bite you on the bum.  That might be an out-of-date website that crashes, or a tax return you forgot – I’ve had both of those over the years! Or some client work that desperately needs that extra training you keep meaning to complete (yep, had that too!) Or any number of major disruptions that have their roots in possibly minor things you didn’t keep up with.

And here’s the thing: when the crap hits the fan, you can be certain that it won’t be when it is even remotely convenient for you.  All your carefully-laid plans are going to go out the window while you commit all your resources to putting things right.  How much better would it be to have planned them in, at a time that suits you, so you don’t have to drop everything?  Including all the stuff that does bring you joy!

Daniela and I hadn’t done the tedious-but-important maintenance and preparation work that was going to keep the ironing running smoothly (sorry, b-a-a-a-d pun!) and cleanly.  And I did need that shirt for the next day.  So instead of watching the rest of the film, I got to spend a ‘happy’ hour at the kitchen sink, repeatedly flushing the iron through.  Using the ‘self-clean’ button that, by the way, isn’t – apparently you have to participate as well as the iron.  If only I had descaled it at a time that suited me!

So my challenge for you this week is this: where in your business are you putting off (or maybe not even aware of) the important little things that can help you deliver your genius smoothly – or horribly trip you up?


On the subject of rushing into things without preparing properly, I’ve come up with the eight steps that every individual business owner needs to take, in order to have a robust and sustainable business that serves you and the world.  I call it the Joyful Genius Inspired Business Blueprint – and my one-day workshop below is designed to go through all 8 steps (and to dive a little deeper into the ones that will really set you up for success)

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